Monday, January 23, 2012


Mind and spirit together make up that which separates us from the rest of the animal world, that which enables a man to know the truth and that which enables him to die for the truth.-EdithHamilton

What you (really) need to that I miss you.
What I (sort-of) want to that I'll wait.
What you (absolutely) need to that I love you.
What I (kind of) want to say I'm sorry.


In fact,

I positively pine.
I will surely stay.
I actually adore you and truly, I apologize.

submitting at Jingle Poetry


  1. ugh...powerful! honest and humble. the song was so very fitting... Thank you for sharing your heart! Nothing like honest and raw poetry that tugs at the heart!)
    ~L @

  2. This poem kind of almost brought a tear to my eye... which sucks for me as I'm on a public computer...

  3. I love it when so few words say so much.